First Timers

First Timers

Thank you for your interest in joining us for your first Southern Comfort Conference. There are an increasing number of conferences and meetings for our interest group with different combinations of activities. While Southern Comfort is not the oldest (even at 25!) it has become the largest with about 700 attendees from both genders and all of those in-between.

Jump Start Guide

For almost everything you will need to know as a first timer, we have a Jump Start Guide to get you started.

First-timers are both First Time Outers (FTO’s) and those joining us for the First Time at Southern Comfort (New Friends). We want to help both groups feel welcome so you can get the most from the experience.

In particular, FTO’s timidly tip-their-toe into the water trying to get in-touch with their inner selves. This can often be a GIANT step and there is always someone who is too scared to leave the room, as our previous FTO Veronica said “It was the heaviest door she ever tried to open”. We are there to help with that first step and get you into the swing-of-things with the information included in this web-page section, pre-arrival contact with our First-Timer coordinators will help answer your specific questions and so we can expect you upon arrival, and our Big Sister (and Big Brother) program.

For our New Friends (and the FTO’s) the host/hostess team is there to help you feel welcome and comfortable in this new setting. They can offer you directions and a welcome seat at the lunches.

On Thursday morning we offer a First-Timers welcome breakfast in one of the suites where you can join us for coffee and danish to get acquainted and comfortable with your new surroundings.

While the seminars start Thursday morning, we have some activities on Wednesday and some of our attendees travel Monday or Tuesday to enjoy the week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Some even arrive earlier to spend the previous weekend in preparation!

Off-Site events are planned and designed to get out into the public and join the mainstream activities. Along with our on-site activities, these are excellent opportunities to mix-and-mingle and another opportunity to make new friends.

Our seminars and the presenters range from makeup tips, transition guidance, and reassignment surgeons. Our registration volume attracts the best in the field so you could suffer from information overload. The comforting part is that you are now part of a group and not alone.

Every year – someone says that “Southern Comfort changed their life” so come join us and see where the week takes you.

Princess Day

First-Timers and returnees alike are welcome to join us for PRINCESS DAY on Wednesday to “get-pretty” for the days ahead. The intention is to check-off many of your “enfemme bucket list items” and meet some new friends.